About The Company

gncSmallaire is a family-owned and operated business which commenced business in 1974 and it's current direction was in response to the long hot Wimmera summers.

As Gary said ... ''I didn't like the heat and I thought I'd build a couple of coolers for myself. That worked pretty well. A few friends then bought them and it snowballed after that."

The business is built around the needs of each individual client and their circumstances.

What began as a local business now caters for Australia wide and overseas clients including Russia, the United States, Holland, South Africa and more.

Business expansion demanded that we develop a new manufacturing facility, offices and display area which were completed in 2006.

All products manufactured by Smallaire are the creative inspiration of our research and development team and company founder, managing director Gary Small.

Refrigerated cooling and heat pump facilities from Mitusbishi, Brivis and Thermofilm are also able to be integrated into your existing or new facilities.

Around The Factory - Faces & Places

Front Entrance to Smallaire Pictured Left: Front entrance.
Below:Inside our Factory (Completed products)










Evaporative Airconditioning Assemble Area




Sheet Metal Area


Machinist Area



Welding Bay


Blower Assemble Area


Freight Area


Janet_Nicholson_Grant_Dumesny2011 WORKCO Limited Awards Night

Best 1st Year Apprentice was awarded to our very own Grant Dumesny, he was a finalist of 6 other 1st Year Apprentices with very strong competition.
We are extremely proud of Grant, he has put the hard yards in to become a great Metal Fabricator and it has paid off for him.
Congratulations to Grant and also a HUGE Thank You!! To our dedicated Metal Fab team, especially our Production Manager Jock Baker and Metal Fab Supervisor Luke McCallum, it is fantastic that we can provide a skilled trade to our local community.






Grant Dumesny & Janet Nicholson
Picture courtesy of Workco.

Local Support for Business Growth


Smallaire won the Pinnacle Award for 2005-2006 Year End from Mitsubishi Electric Australia, we tripled our sales from the prior year. We are very proud of this award due to being only a Regional Diamond Dealer and having limited customer base, this shows great support from our local community supporting local business growth. Big Thank you to all our local customers!

Picture: Smallaires' Nick Keyte accepting the award from the Director, Kenei and the GM Tony Hurst, Mitsubishi Electric Australia.