Airseeder Components

Smallaire Grizzily Ruwoldt

"We only use Smallaire Airseeder components to ensure an exceptional crop, with high quality, no nonsense approach it is an obvious choice." - Robert Ruwoldt, Australian Farmer of the Year.

Take all the guess work out of designing a complete air seeder system.

Our exclusive Airseeder CAD (Computer Aided Design) design program will aid us to design a system especially for you, this will ensure the correct sizes of your feeder hoses, correct Primary and Secondary head and Pressurized box systems, fans and venturi.

Smallaire Air Seeder Components


  • Numerous combinations of inlets and outlets
  • Custom built venturis to suit any system
  • Primary and secondary heads available in 16, 25, 32, 38, 45, 51, 63 and 75mm
  • Durable powdercoated finish
  • Removable rubber cap
  • 12 month warranty
  • High quality seeder hose available
  • Components are formed from durable 1.6mm mild steel and Stainless Steel
  • Smooth design for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Available in kit form to reduce freight costs and storage
  • At least more than double the life on plastic type components
  • Flexibility of colour coding to match your equipment
  • High quality seeder hose available
  • Optional stainless steel

Distribution Cone & Rubber Bung

Airseeder distribution cone

Our unique pressed metal designed head enhances linear air flow reducing turbulence and backpressure in the distribution head.

Utilising the new distribution cone and our unique riser with large mixing chamber bend gives you a high performance long lasting distribution system.

New and Improved Distribution ConeSmallaire Airflow Cone and Bung

  • Improved overall accuracy
  • Reduced fan resistance
  • Elimination of grain cracking and head bounce
  • Unique inverted cone allows a more efficient air flow resulting in less back pressure
  • Improved accuracy in undulating country by distributing grain and fertiliser more evenly in the head chamber

  • Constructed from extremely durable 75 Duro EPDM Rubber
  • Cost effictive solution

Global Exportation of our products

Smallaire has become a renowned name in the airseeder business not only in Australia but all around the world, we export seeder components to the likes of Canada, America, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany and South Africa to name a few.

Our components are a standard feature on many large air seeder companies’ machines which gives you the security knowing that these companies rely on quality Smallaire products.

These companies have found Smallaire components to be cost effective but at the same time simple to assemble and gets the job done right first time.

Get with the leaders in seeding technology use Smallaire components to give you the edge.

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Typical Air Seeder Layout