High Pressure Blowers

Soil Boss Airseeder with Smallaire High Pressure Blower

Smallaire High Pressure Blowers are custom made to meet your specific needs

World renown and rated for being high performance and extremely efficient

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  • Strong pressed steel casing
  • We offer computerised balancing service
  • World renown and rated for being high performance and extremely quiet & efficient
  • Easily mounted
  • Mesh guarded inlet
  • Bolt-on flange outlet
  • Magnetic rev pickup bracket
  • Durable powder coated finish (Galvanised option available on request)
  • Choice of hydraulic, belt or engine drives, in petrol or diesel
  • Lightweight
  • Modular unique body design to adapt to any application
  • 12 month warranty

"Our Blower manifolds are proven to be one of the most efficient and accurate.
Our in-house design, development and manufacturing enable you to receive a faster service."

Oil Coolers to suit any air seeder

The oil cooler design is highly efficient which utelises the heat from your tractors hydraulics and at the same time providing warm air to your airseeder's blower to prevent moisture plugging.

Smallaire oil coolers use a specially designed aluminium matrix core and shroud to utilise 100% of the air from the air seeder fan to achieve maximum amount of heat from the hydraulic system. This warm air will reduce the product from sticking in the hoses, metering system and seeder components. Also cooling the tractors hydraulic system.

Smallaire oil coolers are manufactured to fit specific air seeders and retro fit models to fit all air seeders. These coolers come complete with over pressure valves and gauges fitted. Cooler cores and components can be purchased separately.

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Oil cooler Seedhawk web
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Cyclone by Smallaire

The Smallaire header blower system reduces the threat of header fires, which are never far from the minds of harvesting contractors and grain farmers.

This essential piece of equipment has developed these systems as a complete package that prevents the risk of chaff and dust build ups that can lead to a devastating fire.The package  includes hydraulic control blocks, blower RPM monitor, and complete hose and manifold package, and can be retrofitted to all makes of headers.